AACN CSI Academy at NTI – Empowering Nurses as Leaders

Attendees at this year’s NTI conference in Orlando have the opportunity to experience essential program content and key learnings from the AACN CSI Academy nurse leadership and innovation training program. Sessions are relevant for both direct care nurses and nurse managers/educators.


“AACN CSI Academy: Creating and Sustaining Change in Your Unit”

  • This all-day session led by CSI Academy faculty and alumni teaches key concepts from the CSI program. Attendees will learn about quality improvement methods and tools to further elevate staff nurses’ knowledge and expertise — enabling successful implementation of patient care improvement initiatives and true influence at the bedside.

CSI Faculty-Led Concurrent Sessions

For nurses seeking to initiate positive change on their unit, CSI Academy faculty will present four different concurrent sessions focused on a distinct element of the change process. The innovation tools and skills gained enhance nurses’ leadership abilities and instill the confidence to successfully implement change.

  • “AACN CSI Academy: Creating a Foundation for Change”
  • “AACN CSI Academy: Creating the Business Case for Quality”
  • “AACN CSI Academy: Creating Buy-in for Change”
  • “AACN CSI Academy: Sustaining and Spreading Change”

An additional session for those on the nurse manager track will be presented:

  • “It’s All About That Base: Sustaining Change in Your Unit”

CSI Alumni-Led Sessions

Learn more about unit-based quality- improvement initiatives and the benefits of empowering front-line nurses as leaders.

  • “AACN Clinical Scene Investigator Academy in Practice: Empowering Nursing Shared Governance” (concurrent)
  • “Improving Delirium Assessment Accuracy: Scaling and Sustaining a Nurse-Led Project” (concurrent)
  • “CLABSI Rangers: A Team Approach to Extinguishing CLABSI in the ICU (concurrent)
  • “Mentorship, How to Build a Team: What Authentic Mentors Do” (ExpoEd)
  • “Driving Change From the Bedside: How Nurses Can Lead the Improvement Process” (ExpoEd)
  • “Closing the Loop: Positive Feedback During Nursing Handoff” (ExpoEd)

CSI Academy Posters

A number of CSI Academy teams will be presenting posters highlighting their patient care improvement projects, addressing topics including delirium, CLABSI and multihospital collaboration. To learn more about these activities, visit CSI Academy at NTI.