Welcome to the 2018 National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition

It’s great to be back here in Boston, the city Oliver Wendell Holmes once called “the hub of the solar system.” This is one of America’s oldest and most historic cities, and with its blend of old-world charm and cutting-edge sophistication, it is surely one of our country’s shining jewels. So I hope you plan to have a lot of fun while you’re here. I know I plan to. There is lobster everywhere in this town — and it’s all good!

And with education, excellence and inspiration aligned with your needs, I guarantee you will have plenty of fun at this year’s NTI. I hope you’ll be Guided by your WHY to find the best educational opportunities for you, your co-workers and colleagues. In fact, I hope being at NTI 2018 gives you a chance to establish a deep and meaningful connection with the other exceptional nurses of our AACN community.

So let’s have some fun this week. Let this be a week to honor your WHY by renewing, recharging and restoring yourself. I hope NTI 2018 will be the hub of your solar system this week!

Chris Schulman
AACN President

5 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Dear Chris,

    Just a quick Thank you for your “Why”. It has made me and others think about our why. It’s been a privilege and pleasure to learn from you in the Great NW. You have made Legacy proud!

  2. Eileen W. says:

    Ms. Chris,

    First and foremost, THANK YOU for your leadership and commitment! I have enjoyed reading your words of WHY wisdom! It was a dear and honored pleasure to have met you (officially) in Honolulu at our local chapter’s 2018 symposium and I hope we will be blessed with your presence at the 2019 Region 18 meeting – hosted by HIC-AACN! Wish you all the best!

    Much aloha from a Forever Fan ~

  3. Mary Kathryn Shanahan says:

    I am also very disappointed that I am not at NTI’s , I love Boston- my favorite one to go to!! I will be reading these daily with my lunch- thank you so much for your leadership this past year, Chris. I have really enjoyed all of your end-of-the-magazine articles and meeting you this past year at Saint John Fisher College was one of the highlights of my nursing education. have a wonderful week, go to Legacy’s in Boston, or Perry’s Plate in Andover ! enjoy
    -Kathy Shanahan

  4. Saramma says:

    Thank you for your encouraging and thought provoking columns.
    I am so sad I can’t be at NTI.I have gained much knowledge ,and made me so proud to be a long standing member of AACN every time I had the opportunity to attend NTI.
    Have a wonderful week.Thank for your leadership.

  5. Cheryl Slack says:

    Though I am not at NTI this week, I just want to tell you that your columns are inspirational. I am keeping sticky notes at my desk this week! WHY! I love teaching the next generation of nurses! THE NTI experience is rejuvenating and inspiring! So thank you from my desk! Cheryl