Patient Care Is All in the Family

Patients, families and critical care staff share a common goal: to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. Leveraging that common goal and engaging patients and families may in fact be the best way to achieve it.

“Patient/family-centered care means taking care of patients holistically, not just with medications and procedures, but also recognizing that each patient is an individual, and each individual has different needs and preferences, whether they be cultural, spiritual or emotional,” says Aaron M. Clay, at Balfour Senior Living in Denver. “Our goal is to express the importance of patient- and family-centered care across all healthcare environments, not just with pediatrics where it’s most common.”

On Monday from 4:45-5:30 p.m., in room 361, Clay, along with Kimberly M. Mason and Jonathon Yoppini, will show attendees how to take this popular approach from pediatric care to new levels during their session, “Patient and Family-Centered Care Drives Healthcare Standards and Improves Patient Outcomes.”

The presenters will use case scenarios to demonstrate patient/family-centered care and its impact on patient outcome. Strategies for approaching difficult conversations will be discussed, in particular situations in which patients are not complying with a prescribed treatment plan. .

“To acknowledge the potential adverse effects of poor compliance, the benefits of empowerment and enhanced autonomy must be recognized,” says Mason, assistant nurse manager of pediatrics at UC Davis Health in Sacramento, California. “When providers don’t take the time to practice the concept of patient/family-centered care, they leave the family unit dependent on the healthcare system, resulting in powerlessness and an ineffective presence.”

Yoppini, also with UC Davis Health, adds, “There could be a million different things going on in that patient’s life, so taking those few minutes just to sit down with patients and families is crucial in making sure we’re doing all we can to support them during this difficult time.”