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Courageous Care, Jugglers and the Kitchen Sink: It All Matters

Likening nurses to the strength and resilience of steel, AACN president-elect Clareen Wiencek gave an impassioned speech at Wednesday’s SuperSession.

Clareen_SS_WEB“Kitchen sinks are typically made of stainless steel,” Wiencek said. “They’re the workhorses of every household.

“Steel is an amazing material. That it must be both tough and resilient at the same time — able to bend and give and take anything thrown at it. Steel is indomitable!”

This was proven in the most literal of sense as Darren and Joe, the unwitting human guinea pigs brought up from the audience during the madcap stunts of Jon Wee and Owen Morse — better known as the comedy/juggling team, The Passing Zone — endured flames, stun guns, rat traps and razor-sharp sickles whizzing past them. Full Story →